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You might be astonished to discover that Canyon coolers held ice altogether longer than a Yeti Tundra in our Five Day Ice Challenge. (See Video and Results Below). Gulch Coolers are typically found at $100 or all the more a markdown contrasted with a Yeti and a few other roto shaped coolers. Couple this with the way that Canyon refrigerators are built from the USA Made materials, AND offer a Lifetime Warranty; Canyon merits a thought before your next cooler buy. 

About Canyon Coolers 

Gully Ice Chest is produced using American made materials (amassed abroad). Headquartered in Flagstaff, Arizona, since March 2008, Canyon is devoted to giving quality coolers to proficient suppliers. Gullies is a family possessed and worked business that has earned the Great Buy Award for reliably giving quality coolers. Most coolers are upheld by a lifetime guarantee, guaranteeing consumer loyalty and cooler strength, regardless of what sort of outside experience you might design appreciate. 

How Does Canyon Performance Measure Up? 

To see exactly to what extent these coolers could keep up ice we directed our own ice maintenance test. We tried all the best names in the cooler business under moderate use for 5 days. By moderate use, we mean opening the coolers three times each day to move the drinks inside through and through and the other way around, just as leaving the coolers outside in the warm Florida sun. All coolers were pre-chilled for 24 hours to guarantee ideal execution (a recommendation by Canyon Coolers themselves). In conclusion, all coolers were completely filled with ice and the six drinks. 

A lot shockingly the Canyon Outfitter Series 35 Q cooler was a standout amongst the best performing coolers in the test. Incidentally enough, it was likewise a standout amongst the best esteem coolers in the test. The Canyon 35 one of the littlest coolers in the test and held ice among the best. As should be obvious, the Canyon held ice for 5 days effortlessly. In the event that we needed to make a harsh supposition, the Canyon 35 would have kept going another 2-3 day for an aggregate of 7-8 days of moderate use when completely filled with ice. See the full video survey underneath. 

See also: Orion Cooler and yeti cooler.

Canyon versus Grizzly 

Grizzly offers a lifetime guarantee on their coolers, equivalent to Canyon Coolers. In any case, Grizzly coolers are somewhat more costly than Canyon. Both are affirmed bear confirmation, offer solid hooks and magnificent ice maintenance. One component that we like on the Canyon when contrasted with the Grizzly is the recessed hooks. This makes putting away the cooler flush in the back of a truck bed or facing a vessel divider conceivable. 

A Great Performing Value Cooler 

As we have expressed, Canyon is a staggering purchase for the cash. This is a cooler that we would consider getting the "best value for your money." Many might be hesitant to purchase a less expensive evaluated cooler in dread that it is a second rate item. In any case, because of our multi-day ice test, the Canyon can hang with the Yeti, Grizzly and Pelican coolers of the world.